It is imperative that to obtain traffic to your website you must have the best web designs. A small business web site design which has a low web design cost and is effective should be your target.

Visitors to your website do not want to see loads of technical or sales jargon trying to offer fantastic deals when buying their particular product.

One should always bear in mind that a website should cater for the needs of the visitor rather than bombarding the visitor with a host of products to buy.

Thought should be given to the type of visitor you hope to attract to your website and the information which they are seeking. A happy visitor who has confidence in your website will most likely make a purchase from it in due course.

A sales oriented web site will put people off. They will not return.

A cool web design providing your visitors with the right type of information is essential.

What should your website contain?

Always say who you are, preferably with a little history.

A photo is an another item that helps.

The website should clearly state what is its purpose. An audio or a video presentation is even better.

Always bear in mind that it is the visitor who is most important; therefore think what the visitor is looking for.

Always give clear and concise answers to what you believe will be the topics they want information on.

Point out the advantages of your website without over selling.

Itemise the salient features of your website and what special benefits it has to offer.

Remember no hard selling; just itemise the special features of your website and you will have a happy visitor who will use your website to hopefully make a purchase.

If you are recommending a product it is best to purchase the product first, so that your recommendation is based on fact.

Highlight the main advantages of the product, but also mention any slight drawbacks. Visitors like a genuine review.

The web site graphic design should be clear and uncluttered. The web design cost should also be realistic.

Too many banners and links tend to be very off putting.

A good headline with all important data should be placed in a position to catch the visitor’s eye.

A trial offer, either free or at a very low cost can be beneficial. It is also imperative that once a purchase has been made that the customer is given a 100% guarantee for a full refund if the product does not come up to expectations.