Get the Cold Hard Facts – The Best Web Design Software Revealed

Question – What is the best web design software?

Answer – The one that makes you the most money!

The myriad of differing web design software products available, means that internet entrepreneurs can often be left in the dark when it comes to choice. Not everybody has the luxury of a web designer, or development team to hold their hand, to make these important decisions for them. I am going to try to explain the facts with this web design software comparison.

There are two routes you can take – Free, or Expensive

The Free Route – If you are looking for free web design software, you should really be using WordPress. The number one reason being that Google loves WordPress! And you want your site ranked on Google page one don’t you?

WordPress is the most user friendly platform for website design. It is fully customisable meaning it can be moulded into virtually any web page design.

Originally built and designed with bloggers in mind, internet marketers have seized upon its functionality and ease of use, to build a money making machine that tops the search engines every time. The unique use of ‘plug ins’ that can be woven into the basic web page make it look and feel like the design of an internet giant – little does the user know its free!

There are two versions of WordPress. Hosted for you, and self hosted.

Here you need to make a choice. If you choose for WordPress to host the site, this option is completely free – forever. However you need to weigh up the pros versus cons. Firstly you will have a domain with ‘WordPress’ in the title, therefore not fully branded to yourself,and bear in mind, as it is hosted by someone other than yourself you do not have full control and WordPress basically own your content.

The best, most amazing option is to use WordPress but host it yourself. This means you will have to buy a domain name (very cheap) and buy hosting for the domain – some good offers around at the moment. I currently use hostgator which is around $6 per month. (Not bad for owning your own business). Using this method you now own your own domain and content, and you can update it, change the graphics, the theme, the header add video, make a blog or a sales page, all within the free control panel provided.

The WordPress platform is definitely the best web design software available.

Why is it the best?

Here are the cold hard facts –

  • Free
  • Fully customisable
  • Easy to use (if you can cut and paste, and drag and drop – your in!)
  • Google loves it – SEO friendly
  • Easy to monetize
  • You have complete control of your business
  • It is the best blogging platform
  • There are tons of free training tutorials available
  • I use it

The Expensive Route – Get your website designer, marketer, graphics team, SEO experts and business development team to tell you all about this, if you can afford it! Then you will know the ideal best web design software.


If you’re desiring to own and create your own business web site but don’t know exactly how, then simply the option would be to employ a web development company much like the Business Web Design. Nonetheless, it is important that you make certain you provide all of the fine detail along with the concept or layout that you would probably desire him to put in. Having a web site is not a bad idea and could be very useful particularly when you have your own business nevertheless when you unsure how to get the best web designer, then here are a few tips that may be best to look for without getting too technical.

The first idea when seeking or contacting anyone is to determine what kind of web site you like on it. Provide each and every information and leave nothing out. If you tend not to present out the appropriate information or it’s too complicated, the possible web designer is likely to be a bit lost and likely to have some clarification on what was supposed. Without this part of details, how in the world do you count on people to aid you out? It simply does not work this way.

Subsequently, would be to look around and see who are those that are dedicated to their work and those who are simply not caring about it at all. You must in fact look around and see for the ones who are certified and has the knowledge on web designing just like the Business Website Design. Make certain to look for a professional one specifically with plenty of positive and wonderful feedback from their previous clients. Without having the knowledge of acquiring those with very good track record, then quite honestly anyone could be chosen and it might be anyone that could be often care-free.

Speaking of that, you need to seriously rely on the one matter and that does include money. The cost has to be good however at the same time, must be worthwhile regarding completing the project as well as getting the routine maintenance carried out so the price has to be solved on what would be best. If the job is big therefore it would require a high amount of pay.

Standing is significant and so the price. There has to be a commitment on both ends. The web designer has to be enthusiastic to handle the project and also the one paying has to manage their end of the bargain at the same time. It truly does work both ways however you’ve to be wise regarding hunting for a web designer such as those that operate in Business Web Design. It should be accomplished if you are not able or uncertain of how to build the right web site for you. Obviously, you will get to get the domain initially nevertheless that’s another story.

After you have acquired your web designer that will commit to the job, then simply you should be good to go.


When you are setting up your website, you want to get the best service for your money. By choosing the best web designers, in keeping with your brand and company statements, you are investing in the future of your company. The importance of a fresh, professionally designed and user-friendly website cannot be emphasised enough. If your website is looking dated, is not working properly or is difficult to navigate, it creates a very poor impression about your company and brand. Choosing the best web designers you can afford therefore makes excellent business sense.

How do you go about finding the best web designers? The answer is a little more complicated than just looking in the yellow pages. You are going to need to do a little research first – a website, done properly; costs a bit to set up and you need to ensure that the capital outlay will pay off in the long run. The best type way to find a web designer is through word of mouth referrals from people who have actually been clients of the said company. It is no good to get a recommendation from a friend of the designer because they would naturally be biased. Presumably, a client of the company would have no such bias.

Your next option is to look through advertisements and telephone directories or on the net. The advertisement is your first screening – do any ads stand out more than the others? Are some much more innovative? Hopefully by now you will have settled on a couple of possibilities.

Take this handful of names and Google the company names. Check for any comments on the web about the company. Check each company’s website. What is your first impression of the company based on the website? Presumably they pull out all the stops on their own website so consider this – is this the website of one of the best web designers? Is the website user-friendly and easy to navigate? Are all the links working? Do the animations work correctly? (Bear in mind that the capabilities of your computer influence this as well.) How long did the site take to load? Does the site look like any other site or does is show innovation and creativity? Do you detect a lot of typos? (This is a pretty bad sign as it shows inattention to detail and if they don’t put the work into their page, are they really going to put it into yours?) They should also have, or be willing to give, some of the addresses of websites that they have designed.

Finding the best web designers is going to take some effort on your part but the effort is well worth the reward. Be sure that you get the best you can in order to avoid problems later.